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About US
     With its bright blue water at the heart of Persian Gulf, Kish Island turned to be one of the most beautiful touristy regions in the world. As a result of its vast evolution in Tourism Industry, and historic-touristy position, Iran follows its main goal which is being attracted by tourists, all around the world, to visit the old buildings and recreational centers.

     "Kish Tourism Gate" website has been made because of several reasons such as: Lovely Kish Island noticeable expansion in the last 10 years, Construction of sightseeing and recreational centers for getting tourists' attraction, and the demand growth in taking trips to Kish touristy island. The site is well-prepared to give the most reliable replies to the tourists' questions.

     Therefore, Kish Hotels Association attempts to introduce Kish Island's marvelous natural beauties; unique hotels, residential and recreational centers to all tourists choosing Iran to visit. So it makes it possible for the tourists to plan their trip in comfort to tour the island and spend the most enjoyable and unforgettable holiday with their families and friends.

     Hope to see you all in lovely Kish Island!!

Our Contacts
Address : Address: Unit 8, Official Floor, Zeytoon International Mall, Sahel Squre, Kish, Iran
Phone : +98 7644422460-2
Fax : +98 7644422462

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