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Category Titles
Kish Mosques : Kish Mosques Kish has seven mosques. The Amir mosque, Khatam ...
Aquarium- The Sea Life : Persian Gulf is the habitat of various aquatic marines. Tourists ... item with pics
Dolphin Park Complex : Dolphin Park, a 100-hectar large beautiful garden, put its first project ... item with pics
The World Zoo- Deer Park : Located next to the aquarium, the zoo makes a fantastic and marvelous area ... item with pics
Traditional Water Reservoirs : Drinking water is somehow limited in Kish. That is why the indigenous people ...
Daneshvaran Garden : Daneshvaran Garden, located across from Paradise Mall, is one ...
Friendly Visit with Natives : Loving anthropology and tourism human attractions, tourists can ...
The Artists' Passage : Inspired by Daneshvaran Garden, Kish Free Zone inaugurated "The Passage ... item with pics
The Green Tree : Located in the northern region of the island, the flow of shallow water, ... item with pics
Kish Island Natural Attractions : Sea animals: Located in the area of open seas, Kish contains ...
Baghu Village : Baghu is one of the oldest villages located in the southeast ...
Harireh, the ruined city : The remains located in the center of northern coastline very ... item with pics
Kariz-e-Kish : 2500 years of Kish Island aqueduct antiquity has changed it into ... item with pics
Kish Tourism Attractions : The most interesting places to see in Kish are the natural marvels made ...
Reptile Show Place : Hundreds of snake type reptiles are displayed in the show place ... item with pics
Spectacular Places to Sightsee : • Ficus Benghalensis (Lour) Kish Island Lour trees are ... item with pics
Bird Garden : Bird Garden The Bird Garden is situated inside the Dolphin ...
Traditional Water Reservoir : Traditional Water Reservoir One of the traditional methods ...
Greek ship : The Mysterious Greek Ship on the Beautiful Coral Island of Kish ...

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