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Kish city services budget to increase to 100 billion rials

      KFZO MD said: “The budget allocated to Kish city services for 2008 will increase to 100 billion rials”. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, at the closing ceremony of the 1st International Exhibition of Transport and Urban Services, from 21-25 February, engineer Majid Shayesteh pointed out that, as the custodian for the development and prosperity of Kish Island, KFZO emphasizes on giving the best services for its citizens, tourists, and investors in Kish, and added: “Kish city services budget in the current year was 90 billion rials. This figure has been forecasted at 100 billion rials for next year”. He announced that we are facing a younger generation in the free zones today, and reminded: “KFZ is an example of this new generation in the free zone”. The KFZO MD announced the per capita green space of the island as 160 square meters, and said: “This is one of the highest per capita figures for green spaces”. Shayesteh also said: “Currently, apart from economic activities, Kish Island is known as an enchanting and peaceful safe haven for the comfort of its citizens and Iranian and foreign tourists”. In another part of his speech, he named Kish Island urban transport as one of the predominant features of this free zone and said: “In opinion polls, the level of passenger satisfaction for the urban transport has been over 80%”. According to him, the KFZ management is determined to cooperate with the private sector in an interim programme to give the highest standards of urban services appropriate with the circumstances and characteristics of Kish Island with the active presence of the people. According to this same report, at the ceremonies which took place Sunday evening, Seyed Mahdi Hashemi, Deputy for development at the Interior Ministry, Dr Humid Bahaman, adviser to the President in transport affairs, Karma, assistant deputy of the City Council Organisation, and many mayors and urban services officials were present from all parts of the country. The 1st International Exhibition of Transport and Urban Services was held 21-24 February at Kish International Exhibition Centre.
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