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Health Roads will be built in Kish
Health Roads will be built on Kish Island. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, due to the importance of hiking, the KFZO Development Department has pinpointed locations on the Island to build four Health Roads for increased and better hiking conditions, and the use of sports equipment for all. Of the characteristics of the Health Roads, which will be a tourist attraction in Kish, is the presence of athletes, children, the elderly, and even the sick, using the Health Roads for hiking and jogging. According to this same report, the Health Roads will be constructed in four locations on the east coast, the Olympics Complex, Mir Mohana Park, and Park-e Shahr along at least 200 metres of length for each road, with a width of 3-5 metres. The project will be ready for inauguration for the Dahe-ye Fajr anniversary of the Revolution this year. Each one of the roads will be equipped with 19 sports for all apparatus, spaces with urban furniture for resting, and a coffee shop.
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