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Thousands of migrating birds on the beautiful island of Kish
The environmental expert of KFZO said: "Thousands of various species of migrating birds from Siberia have been seen on the shores of the beautiful island of Kish. In an interview with IRNA on Wednesday, Maryam Mohammadi added: "Most of the said birds lay their eggs around Siberia and travel to other parts of the world in the right season, including Kish". According to her, the species include herons, flamingos, grouse and other species. The KFZO environmental expert said: "These birds usually live in the tidal regions of the northwest and south of Kish Island until the end of winter". Mohammadi pointed out that various other species of birds, such as fish eating eagles, sparrow hawks, hawks, and lanners also exist, and added: "The presence of these birds in various season is one the natural attractions of Kish Island". She said: "Hunting or trapping these birds is strictly forbidden and offenders will be fined and prosecuted".
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