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Kish will host 200 thousand tourists for the Iranian New Year Noruz

      Regarding the difficulty which had disrupted Kish flights a while ago, Mahdi Chamanzad, the KFZO Tourism Deputy, told Miras-e Khabar News Agency: “This was a nationwide problem and not just for Kish. Of course, it reached us as far as the island. But, presently, the problem has been solved and the Kish air fleet will be equipped in a fortnight”. He announced new air routes and added: “The new routes will fly to Kerman, Rasht, Tabriz, and Yazd”. Chamanzad stated: “Due to demands during the Noruz holidays, the number of overseas flights will be cut down and used for national flights”. As reported by Miras-e Khabar, Kish Island hosts mostly home tourists rather than those from abroad. Chamanzad explained: “25% of foreign tourists in Kish are from the Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, and Russia who come mostly to change their visas for their country of residence. But, we also have plans to increase European and Middle Eastern trips to Kish”. Regarding the readiness of hotels in Kish for the Noruz holiday makers, he stated that the hotels have made suitable arrangements with KFZO, and said: “All hotels have been given the approved price list. The Noruz panel has also been active since last month. The suggestions and complaints given to this panel last year were followed-up during the year and the results have been largely positive”. He also mentioned the accommodation panel of the island and said: “The accommodation panel for travellers is planning to setup tents in parks and camping areas with welfare and leisure facilities”. The KFZO Tourism Deputy forecasted that 200 thousand travellers will enter Kish during the Noruz holidays, based on last year’s statistics, and perhaps with an increase in numbers this year. He said: “As the months of Muharram and Safar will be coming to an end and following a cold winter, most people will travel to warmer climates”. One-sixth of the island visitors will arrive by sea and the rest by air.
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