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Construction work of a five star hotel begins on Kish

      Construction work of a five star hotel begins on Kish Island. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, a number of local officials, the Sunni Friday prayers' Imam of Kish and a number of private sector investors were present. KFZO MD pointed out that the number of tourists visiting Kish will rise to three million annually in the 20-year comprehensive plan for the island and stressed on the need to provide welfare facilities for travellers, including hotels, residential centres, restaurants, and recreational facilities. At these ceremonies, Majid Shayesteh said the tourism industry had the worlds best paid jobs, and added: "Many foreign countries have high incomes from the tourism industry and the IR of Iran must not be left behind, with a view to its historic, cultural, and tourism past". He continued by pointing out to the stance of Kish as a tourism centre and reiterated: "KFZO is making efforts to make a better introduction of itself by participating in international exhibitions for tourism and to be present in the domestic and international media, especially international television channels". Shayesteh announced his multilateral support of investment by the domestic and foreign private sectors, especially in the tourism industry, and said: "The main strategic slogan of KFZO in the current year is the attraction if investment, and all KFZO officials and directors follow this objective with great care". According to this same report, the investor of the Kish five star hotel, work on which began on Wednesday, Mostafa Shafi'ei said: "This hotel will be built in one thousand and 77 square metres of land, with a floor area of 27 thousand square metres on 12 floors. It will have 200 rooms and three restaurants and the construction date was planned for 36 months ago. The cost of the construction for this five star hotel has been estimated at 200 billion Rials.
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