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 GoKish -> News -> New KFZO MD: The multilateral development of Kish will continue
New KFZO MD: The multilateral development of Kish will continue
The new KFZO MD and Board Director said: The multilateral development and progress of Kish Free Zone will continue as before. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, in his inaugural speech as the new KFZO MD on Tuesday evening, engineer Davoud Madadi pointed out that Kish Island is known as the forefront of the regime and said the island was a very sensitive area for the IR of Iran, with many blessings for the country and the regime. At the valediction ceremony held for the former and new KFZO MDs, he thanked all those who had worked painstakingly for the island in the past, and reiterated: Kish has numerous capacities which will be used during the Year of Innovation and Progress, with new ideas and projects. The new KFZO MD also pointed out: By reducing bureaucracy and creating calm and secure conditions as before, we will endeavour to provide services and facilities for investors and businessmen. Madadi continued in his speech: By attracting more investment by Iranian residents abroad, this free zone will be able to play a very important part in the economic growth and flourishment of the national economy. According to him, Kish Island can be the communication gate with millions of Iranians resident abroad and a place for them to invest. The new KFZO MD said the export of technical and engineering services, creating a trade pole and also tourism, educational, sports, and health poles were some of the capacities of this charming island, and said: Attracting tourists from Muslim countries is one the island’s most important capabilities. He added: A calm environment and the security and beauties of Kish Island make it a suitable location for millions of Muslim women to travel to and enjoy the beauties of the free zone by retaining their modesty and temperance. In the end, Davoud Madadi stressed on creating appropriate conditions for investors from home and abroad and thanked engineer Majid Shayesteh, the former KFZO MD, for having steered the island through its most sensitive time, and said: The execution of various projects in Kish Free Zone indicates the capabilities of this competent director.
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