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 GoKish -> News -> New license plate taxes have been announced for 2008 on Kish Island
New license plate taxes have been announced for 2008 on Kish Island

      Taxes for getting new license plates have been announced for the year 2008 on Kish Island. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, taxes to be paid for new license plates are as follows: For Heiss and vans twenty two million Rials, for lorries and compressors six million Rials, for single cab vans thirty four million Rials, for double cab trucks thirty six million and five hundred Rials, for minibuses one million and nine hundred Rials, for buses three million and three hundred Rials, for lift trucks six hundred and sixty thousand Rials, road-building machineries excluding lorries and compressors one million and a hundred thousand Rials, all agricultural machineries nine hundred and ninety thousand Rials, and smaller lorries for twenty two million Rials. Based on the same report, the public transport cars (taxis) may only change to new ones and the entrance of motorcycles to Kish Island, with or without gears, is prohibited. In addition, taxes for numbering bicycles are fifty five thousand Rials. This report also states that, for changing a vehicle (disposing of or replacing it) taxes for entering or numbering will not be charged and only number plate fees will apply.
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