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 GoKish -> News -> Over 26 thousand Iranian and foreign tourists visited Kariz underground city
Over 26 thousand Iranian and foreign tourists visited Kariz underground city
The investor of the Kariz underground city renovation project said: 26 thousand and 700 Iranian and foreign tourists visited Kariz underground city from March 20th to April 4th. In an interview with IRNA, Mansour Haji Hosseini added: Over 15 thousand tourists had visited the city by March 27th. He pointed out to the various parts of the underground city, and added: “This year, there was a significant rise in the number of visitors to the city. Kariz, or the underground city on Kish Island, has a length of 15kms and is one of man’s astounding masterpieces, which has been built at the junction of three qanat aqueducts and is over 2500 years old. Kish Island was the trading hub of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman during the 12th and 13th centuries and provided the drinking water of its inhabitants and those living on the coastlines to the south of the Persian Gulf with 274 wells from the aqueducts. It is dug fourteen metres deep into the ground, under a seven metre layer of corals and a 10 metre layer of coral dust and marl, with numerous corridors and chambers. The fossils of marine life collected from the coral ceiling of the tunnel show that this splendid fossil ceiling is 110-570 million years old. All the fossils have official ID cards. Shellfish and corals around Kish Island can be seen by diving in the open waters of the Persian Gulf and visiting the natural ecosystem. With the completion of this underground city, tourists and nature lovers can directly see the world’s largest coral complex under ground. The designers of the underground city have decorated the walls and environment inside the Kariz in ancient Iranian architectural style and have conserved its coral ceiling like a natural museum. This is notable by paying attention to the fossils and the shape of a turtle on the ceiling of the Kariz. Also, the soil from the excavations in the Kariz is used for its many therapeutic attributes. The most important part of the Kariz underground complex is the Shahnameh tunnel, which can be visited by small boats carrying 10-12 people at low speeds on the qanat water current, familiarising tourists with scenes from the ancient Shahnameh and Haft Khan-e Rostam” epic of the kings, engraved on the walls in every five tunnels. Also, the plans for the development of the Kish Kariz cultural complex include a museum, amphitheatre, handicrafts bazaar, traditional restaurant and tea house. On the surface, above the underground city, a large recreational complex is planned, to include cinemas, amphitheatre, office buildings, car park, a pavilion and two forts resembling ancient forts, with sections such as restaurants, shops, playground, and residential suites. Haji Hosseini believes locating the Kariz at the heart of the coral island of Kish and the opportunity to visit the shellfish and corals normally in the depth of the oceans, can transform this part of the island into one of the world’s unique monuments. According to him, the project will be carried out in three stages, the first of which is presently underway with the construction of leisure and cultural spaces. The studies for connecting Kariz city to the ancient city of Harireh, at a length of 700 metres, have been accomplished and the development of the aqueduct to join Harireh will be carried in the future.
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