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Summer festivals held according to Article 44
The KFZO MD announced: This Organisation will transfer all festivals, including summer festivals, to the private sector. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, in an interview with reporters on Wednesday, engineer Majid Shayesteh pointed out that the transfer of affairs to the private sector will continue in the new year, and said: We have received suggestions from the private sector for the organisation of the summer festival which are being considered b the committee for the organisation and supervision of festivals. He said: From now on, KFZO will only act as a supporter of the festivals. He continued by saying that the private sector enjoys a particular stance at the KFZO and its officials, and added: The transfer of affairs to the private sector is one of our heartfelt beliefs. Shayesteh reiterated: The transfer of issuing economic activity permits by the private sector is presently underway, the activities of the city planning sector at the Urban Development and Services Co will also be transferred soon. According to him, the issuing of economic activity permits will be transferred to the unions syndicate, and consultants and experts in the field of city planning will also be invited for this sector. At present, over 80% of Kish economic activities are in the hands of the private sector. In another part of his speech, the KFZO MD stressed on the realisation of the Supreme Leader’s message about the Year of Innovation and Progress, and added: Simultaneously with staging the 2nd conference on commending the pioneers of Kish Island expansion, three innovative plans for the development of the island will be commended. Shayesteh pointed out that 20th June has been named Kish Day, and said: On this day, three plans will be chosen and commended with exquisite prizes. In answer to a reporter’s question regarding the optimum use of the half finished Kish Hospital building, which has been left unused for years, the KFZO MD said: The building work on the building will begin in the current year. He reiterated: The construction work on the building, and also the groundbreaking of the new university campus in 64 thousand hectares of land in the south of the island for the development of higher education will begin as one of KFZO’s main objectives.
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