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 GoKish -> News -> Social Security Insurance franchise drops by 35% in Kish
Social Security Insurance franchise drops by 35% in Kish

      The KFZO MD announced: For the first time in the country, the franchise of those insured by the Social Security Insurance [Ta’min Ejtema-ei] drops by over 35% on Kish Island. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, engineer Majid Shayesteh pointed out to regular meetings held by KFZO authorities and the Social Security Organisation, and the approval of the memorandum of the 5-member workgroup appointed by the President in 06, pertaining to reducing hospital tariffs, Social Security policy holders on Kish Island will pay their premiums according to the new changes. The KFZO MD said the satisfaction of Kish residents was one the main concerns of the Organisation, and stated: Looking after the problems of the natives and residents of this island and providing better services and facilities is one of KFZO’s priorities. Social Security policy holders can now be admitted to Kish Island hospital with the new tariffs.
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