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Kish Island Botanical Coverage
    Some parts of the island covered by sparse trees and bush lands of few
      leaves in far distances.
      Kish Island's trees can be classified under 2 types: Local and Non-local.
      1. Local Trees:
      Prosopis SPECIGERA (Iranian Kahur), Phoenix sp. (Palm Trees),
      Ziziphus spina-christi (Konar), Ficus Benghalensis (Lour), Tamarisk
      2. Non-local Trees:
      Prosopis Juliflora (Pakistani Kahur), Borhan, Eucalyptus, Acacia
      Farnensiana (Acacia), Acacia Arabica (Karet).
      1. Local Trees:
      A. Ficus Benghalensis (Lour) is one of the most beautiful, surprising
      and rarest trees in the world. It is really hard to imagine its normal
      shape and figure through pictures unless you see it yourselves. It
      reminds you of the magic trees in your childhood fairy tales. Its
      famous aerial and dangling roots are hung on its trunk. The tree gets
      dried, if its roots are damaged. So it should be trimmed carefully.
      It is categorized in the branch of Fig tree. It has a large oval
      shaped leaves. There is a flow of white syrup in all its branches and
      roots. It has a kind of soft gray bark with red and orange fruits, as
      big as a hazelnut. There are a lot of Lour trees located in Baghu
      Villages in the west of the island You can see the largest one next to
      the tennis court, and Green Tree Complex.
      B. Ziziphus spina-christi (Konar)
      Konar is one of the most famous powders used, especially years ago
      when there was no shampoo or soap, for washing hair. It is still one
      of the most popular herbal powders used for bathing. The powder is
      made by grinding the tree's dried leaves. It is a medium-height tree,
      full of tiny leaves. It has small delicious fruits like wild plum
      which are round and tough. The tree branches are covered by fine
      In order to adapt with the environment's climatic conditions, tropical
      trees have been changed in different interesting ways such as making
      aerial roots, decrease of leaves, and getting more thorns in the bark
      and branches. Konar, for instance, is covered by fine and small
      leaves, and have branches full of thorns, It makes the tree more
      resistant against the sun light and high heat. So it is less water
      evaporated from the tree.
      C. Tamarisk Tree is the tree famous in Shah-naame which was used by
      Rostam, the hero, to make a bifurcate arrow to hit Esfandiyaar's eyes
      and defeat him.
      Tamarisk tree is usually in a shrub shape with firm roots. Therefore,
      it is one of the most suitable and useful plants used to prevent the
      flow and move of sands, and soil erosion in deserts.
      D. Palm Tree, with its delicious and tasty fruit, is one of the
      ancient trees mentioned in Torah and Qur'an.
      Kish Island is the most suitable land for palm trees to be planted
      because of its climate. In addition to the sparse palm trees spread
      over the island, there are a crowd of them in Tolu' and Ghorub palm
      groves in Kish Island.
      There are different kinds of palm trees in the island such as Zardak,
      Dary, Gold Palm, and Date-palm. Date-palm is a 10 to 20-meter tree
      with branches covered by hard and sharp leaves.
      2. Non-local Trees
      Some of non-local trees in Kish Island are introduced in short below.
      A. Prosopis Juliflora (Pakistani Kahur) is one the most famous
      non-local trees of Acacia lineage planted in the island.
      B. Night-sleeper Plants are one of the most interesting attractions in
      the island. These plants close up their leaves to sleep when the
      sunlight is gone so they are so-called to Night-sleeper plants. They
      spread out at the daylight to welcome the sunset. They have soft long
      bean-like fruits with some seeds in each joint.
      C. Eucalyptus is originally from Australia. It is a high tree with
      scented leaves. By chipping a Eucalyptus leaf, the scent of it can be
      smelled. There is a kind liquid taken from its leaves, used to
      fumigate in public.
      D. Self-grown Plants start growing in the beginning of the rainfall
      season in autumn. The island is covered by all kinds of one-year
      plants. The plants are Alive and fresh till the middle of spring. In
      addition to spectacular sightseeing, it is a good source to be used
      for the island's residents to take their few cattle graze in such
      lands. Besides, all female natives start picking wild edible
      vegetables such as Sorrel, Mallow, and Garden Thyme in the island's
      green lands.
      Furthermore, there are different kinds of delicious edible mushroom
      grown in the island which are really valuable in the area.
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