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The Green Tree
      Located in the northern region of the island, the flow of shallow
      water, slopped to the Valley of Portuguese", turns the area to lovely
      The Green Tree Complex has been built near one of the oldest Lour
      trees in the island.
      The greenery of the buildings surrounding, the wooden fences, and the
      complex's sidewalks remind all tourists of the north of Iran. One of
      the major specifications attracting tourists' attention is the Green
      Tree's fabulous dignity. Green Tree seems to be the oldest Lour tree
      in the island, approximately 500-600 years old.
      The colorful strings and pieces of cotton, tied to the trees' branches
      turn it to a holy tree. Some people believe it brings good luck to
      them and makes their dream come true.
      No one knows why the tree is holy and who tied the first string.
      Natives have no belief in such a superstition. They believe the ties
      belong to the new residents and tourists coming to the island.
      One of its specifications is its closeness to Harireh, the ruined
      city, which attracts tourists to go to Green Tree Complex to take some
      rest after visiting the historic city.
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