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Friendly Visit with Natives
    Loving anthropology and tourism human attractions, tourists can have a
      friendly visit with kind, satisfied and diligent natives to get
      familiar with their residence and lifestyle.
      Various ethnic groups live in the island:
      Dravidian, Sumerian, Nordic, Negroid, White-skinned, and other groups
      have lived in the island. The Arabs living in the island have
      emigrated from Iran's coastal areas to Kish Island.
      Persian and Arabic languages are spoken in the island.
      Natives are really religious, honest and hospitable.
      Ladies generally wear scarves, chadors and sandals. They wrap chador
      around their bodies in a special way, contrary to the routine style
      common in some cities in Iran.
      Men wear yarmulkes (skull-cap), head kerchief and shirts. They wear
      special shirts, up to their ankles, called Dashdasheh.
      Ghorban and Fetr are the most important celebrations in the island.
      They dance with local music in their celebrations and wedding parties.
      Fishing and animal husbandry are the traditional professions natives
      engaged at the present. Pearl diving and farming were the professions
      natives engaged in the past.
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