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Daneshvaran Garden
    Daneshvaran Garden, located across from Paradise Mall, is one of the
      largest and accessible gardens in the area. Kish Free Zone believes in
      the integrity of famous thinkers and scientists and the hope of their
      ways continuity. They wanted to honor their commemoration for all
      efforts they did in human progress and knowledge advancement.
      Therefore, the busts of 15 Iranian contemporary scholars were erected
      in the garden in winter 1997.
      1. Mirza Taghi-Khan Amirkabir (1807-January 1852): the founder of
      modern high education in Iran.
      Amirkabir, the chancellor of Nasereddin Shah, did many fundamental
      reforms in different cases such as country's Administrative affairs,
      Finance reforms, establishment of Pony Express, and troops training.
      Darolfonoon foundation (the first European-style College in Persia,
      teaching modern sciences) and the original base of universities
      establishment are some of his most fundamental steps in Iran.
      2. Mirza Kazem Mahalati (1831-1894): the founder of modern Pharmacy in Iran.
      He taught chemistry and pharmacy in Darolfonoon for more than 40
      years. He is counted as the first French language translators in Iran.
      3. Abdolghafar Najmoddoleh (1836-1907): the founder of modern astrology in Iran.
      He compiled the first mathematics and astrology textbooks in its
      modern style. He put his effective efforts in forming modern
      geography. He worked out the computation of solar calendars from 1870
      to 1908.
      4. Professor Mahmood Hesabi (1902-1992): one of the founders of modern
      physics in Iran.
      After being graduated from Sorbonne University, Prof. Hesabi
      established the engineering school in the Ministry of Roads. He
      installed the first Meteorology station, and the first Radiology
      system in Iran. He was elected as "the scholar of the year" by the
      world's scientific centers.
      5. Dr. Seyyed Mohammadtaghi Fatemi (1904-1996): one of the founders of
      modern mathematics in Iran.
      Dr. Fatemi is counted as one of the establishers of Tehran University
      and University of Science & Techniques. He compiled 31 books in
      Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Analytic Mechanics. He was introduced
      as a " Pioneer Professor".
      6. Dr. Mohammadgholi Shams (1904-1996): One of the founders of modern
      ophthalmology in Iran.
      7. Dr. Abdolhasan Sheikh (1906): one of the founders of modern
      chemistry in Iran.
      8. Dr. Mohammad Gharib (1909-1974): one of the founders of modern
      ophthalmology in Iran.
      9. Ahmad Hami, Engineer (1909): one of the founders in civil engineering.
      10. Dr. Gholamhossein Masahab (1910-1979): the author of the first
      Persian encyclopedia.
      11. Dr. Hossein Afshar (1910): one of the founders of physics in Iran.
      12. Dr. Mohammad Hasan Ganji (1912): one of the founders of modern
      geography in Iran.
      13. Dr. Jamaleddin Mostaghimi (1915): one of the founders of organ logy in Iran.
      14. Dr. Kamaleddin Armin (1915-1995): one of the founders of pathology in Iran.
      15. Ayatollah Hasan Hasanzadeh Amoli (1928): Well-known researcher in
      the ancient astrology.
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