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The 11th Annual International Businessmen Forum
The first International Businessmen Forum (I.B.F) was held in Pakistan
      in 1995. The forum was held by the presidents' initiative of 8 Islamic
      countries including Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh,
      Indonesia and Nigeria (D8) as the first Muslim's nongovernmental
      trading organization. The 7th forum was held in Tehran in 2003.
      The organization of the assembly (I.B.F) has obliged all
      aforementioned countries to establish their own organizations. The
      organization has close civil relations with its main seat in Istanbul,
      Turkey. In addition to the above countries, other Islamic countries
      such as Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Qatar have also joined the
      assembly. By establishing Muslim Traders' Association, Muslims, living
      in other countries such as Germany and South Africa, joined I.B.F
      The association tries to gain these goals: Encouraging joint venture,
      trading relations leadership, increasing economic cooperation,
      reinforcing the relations between the members of private and
      governmental sections.
      The members of different countries present their latest information,
      facilities, and projects in the annual gatherings.
      The 11th annual International Businessmen Forum is going to be held on
      November 27-29, 2007 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
      Businessmen, Industrial Workers, Outstanding specialists and experts,
      and a group of Iranian and foreign economy officials, the owner of
      financial and credit institutions, and Tourism Industry businessmen
      and activists are going to attend the forum. They try to make a drive
      taking a step due to increase the national and international trading
      and economic cooperation.
      The representatives of Kish Syndicate Associations, Kish Hotels
      Association, Traders and Marketers' Association, Industries owners'
      Syndicate and Engineering Association are going to take part in the
      forum. They are under Kish Syndicate Association's supervision in the
      company of Kish Free Zone's executive and managing directors. The
      president of Iran's entourage is going to accompany the mentioned
      group sent to the forum. Kish Syndicate Association tries to play an
      important role, with its effective presence, in Both International and
      Iran's I.B.F activities framework. The association introduces Kish
      Free Zone's talent and investing opportunities. Therefore, they can
      make much stronger and component relations to increase the economic
      and international cooperation between the private sections attending
      the forum from different countries.
      Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
      November 27-29
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