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 GoKish -> News -> KFZO MD: Kish Island is a safe haven for families
KFZO MD: Kish Island is a safe haven for families
The KFZO MD and Board Director said: “Kish Island is a safe haven for families and I will do my utmost to protect this tranquil, serene, and healthy island”. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, at the first Administrative Council meeting of Kish during the current year, attended by directors and authorities of the executive organs at KFZO offices Wednesday morning, engineer Davoud Madadi added: “Healthy conditions must prevail in Kish as an island, where unbecoming behaviour such as using drugs, and even smoking, will have no place”. He said this quaint island must be known as a safe haven for families in Iran and abroad, and reminded: “Kish Island has the capacity to become a pilot for new plans and ideas, the success of which can subsequently be implemented in the mainland”. At this meeting, Madadi thanked Majid Shayesteh, the former KFZO MD, and reiterated: “We must all do our best for this beautiful island”. He also pointed out to the “Year of innovation and progress”, and said: “Suitable models must be used in Kish in all aspects, such as investment, tourism, trade, etc, through constructive collaboration with creative directors and intellectuals”. According to the same report, as this meeting, Hojjat ol-Islam Alidadi, Kish Friday prayers Imam, pointed out to one of Imam Ali’s sayings: “Responsibilities are the arena of competitions for men who must endeavour to present acceptable results in the presence of God and in the face of the people”. He added: “According to the resolution of the cabinet, all executive organs in this free zone must the promoted to the level of general administrative offices in order to carry out their duties more autonomously”. According to Alidadi, at times, contradictions between the options of the regime with the options of the government in KFZO have led to challenges in managing this free zone. “We hope to find solutions to these with cooperation and correct management”. The report adds Hojjat ol-Islam Alireza Panahian also said at the meeting: “The disciples of the 12th Imam Zaman (PBUH) will reclaim the earth, and this is a holy and spiritual responsibility for officials in an Islamic society”. He continued: “At some point, it was envisaged that we need western culture for the prosperity of our country, but spiritual thinking, correct management, and Islamic culture gradually affected this incorrect envisagement”. The Social Affairs Deputy and Secretary of Kish Island Administrative Council, pointed out to the measures taken by certain executive organs in Kish, and added: “Despite the daily entry and exit of over 750 foreign nationals from 20 countries, total security reigns over this free zone”. Amir Hassan Abol-Hassani stated: “The peace and security of the island is, without a doubt, the result of the relentless efforts of the relevant organisations”. Also at this meeting, engineer Majid Shayesteh thanked all the officials of the executive organs and army and police chiefs for their collaboration with KFZO over the past 28 months.
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