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 GoKish -> News -> KFZO MD: Kish Island belongs to all the people of the world
KFZO MD: Kish Island belongs to all the people of the world

      The KFZO MD and Board Director said: “Kish Island is God’s blessing belonging to all the people of the world”. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, at a meeting with Brobak Ashirov, the Kyrgyzstan Ambassador to Turkmenistan, engineer Davoud Madadi emphasised on the bilateral expansion of ties between KFZO and this neighbouring country. At his meeting with the Kyrgyzstan Ambassador to Turkmenistan, he pointed out that the enchanting island of Kish had many capacities and offered much opportunity and said it belonged to all tourists, investors, businessmen, and merchants worldwide. The KFZO MD stressed on expanding economic, touristic, and cultural ties between the two counties of Iran and Kyrgyzstan, and added: “By increasing economic cooperation and trade, and with the presence of tourists from Iran and Kyrgyzstan in both countries, ties between Tehran and Bishkek will deepen”. Madadi called Kish Island a peaceful haven for relaxation and the cure of illnesses, and said: “Developing tourism, therapy, trade, and education are the priorities of this free zone”. He also pointed out to 2400 students studying in the creditable home universities of Kish Island and reminded: “It is forecasted that this figure will reach ten thousand within the next three years”. According to the same report, the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Turkmenistan thanked engineer Madadi for his warm and admirable hospitality and pointed out to the historic relations between the two countries: “Iran was one of the first countries to officially recognize the independence of Kyrgyzstan”. Brobak Ashirov also said: “With its small expanse, Kish Island enjoys a unique beauty, security, and calmness which can be very important in attracting tourists”.
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