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Dolphin Park Complex
    Dolphin Park, a 100-hectar large beautiful garden, put its first
      project into operation in 2000. It has executed many projects since
      1998, when the main project has been announced and started. The
      executed ones are as follow: Dolphin Pool Complex, Birds Garden, and
      Green Space made by colorful flowers and different kinds of plants.
      There are also many projects in their process of execution including:
      the construction of 3-star and 7-star hotels, Cactus Garden, Butterfly
      Garden, Undersea Aquarium, Marina Pier for water sports, Children's
      Park (World of Children), and the construction of International
      Shopping Mall.
      • Dolphin Pool Complex
      The visitors will be amused by watching the most different and various
      marine mammals such as sea lions, sea cats, sea boars, and penguins.
      All sea mammals were got together in the largest Dolphin Pool Complex
      in the Middle East, in Kish Island's Dolphin Park.
      It contains 18.000-cube-meter pools with 21 marine mammals protected
      to perform the most exciting and spectacular shows for the visitors.
      We are proud to declare that Iranian young professional trainers have
      been trained to do their best in making the mammals perform their
      fantastic shows.
      • The Green Space of Dolphin Park
      Upon its strategic place and Kish Island unfavorable climate, over 100
      botanical species have been grown in the park. Even though it is too
      tough to cultivate and irrigate the plants in the island's coral
      lands, 20.000 Palms, huge Benjamin plants, Ficus Benghalensis (Lour),
      Eucalyptus, Acacia, Prosopis specigera, Prosopis Julifloria (Kahur),
      Myrtles, Marshmallow, and 25 more Cactus and botanical species make
      the most exotic view for visitors to have peaceful time there.
      • Exotic Bird Gardens
      The Bird Garden is located in the heart of Dolphin Park with more than
      50 unique birds and animals' species including Pelicans, Ostriches,
      Blue & Yellow Macaw, Storks, Toucans, Turacos, Swans, African
      Penguins, and rare species like Marsh Crocodiles.
      It is considerably declared that various kinds of species have been
      brought to the island from the farthest parts of the world, South
      America to Australia, and East Asia to Africa.
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