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The names of special areas in Kish Island
      People lived in the island for centuries, named different areas after
      some memories and imaginations:
      Rhythm and music of water running through the rocks at ebb tides time,
      the sound of waves hitting the seaside, various types of sea grass,
      birds hunting shelves in the shallow water, colorful sand, a palm
      dedicated to a mosque, and even a bowl of milk.
      Hundred areas' names, along 40 kilometers of coastline around, have
      been registered by one of Kish islanders' attempt.
      Some of the interesting parts called according to special phenomena
      are as follow:
      After harvesting period in hot seasons in Kish Island, the natives
      used to free the cattle including donkeys, grazing on the island.
      Donkeys could be seen all around the area. They were taking some rest
      napping in the shade of rocks located 3 meters higher than sea level.
      It is said that donkeys gathered in the humid area to get rid of the
      insects' teasing. So the islanders needed donkeys to work for them,
      went to the area to get some of them.
      Covered by soft sand, the area attracted predators to stay there and
      set their workshops. The King's palace was constructed there in 1970s.
      Ra'sol agra'
      With its 4 meters height, the rock containing white, black and red
      spots can be seen. It reminds you of a bald man's head. Natives call
      such manner "Agra'".
      The yard of long night (Long Hosh Shiv)
      Surrounded by rocks, the sandy coasts looked like a yard called HOSH.
      It is said that a sailor or a predator, sailing around the area, spent
      a night there and had a toothache. The toothache was so painful that
      he started saying something in broken Persian, "Night is long."The
      night was too long and it was too hard to tolerate the pain.
      Hearing the man's words, the islanders called the area "The yard of
      log night" after him.
      Noise from the Earth's core
      As natives declared, villagers sometimes heard the noise of an
      explosion or a gunshot in Harrireh area when the island was quiet and
      not crowded as it is nowadays.
      It was believed that the noise was the sign of raining or a disaster
      in the island. Hearing the noise, people said, "Harrireh has shot the
      gun." Some believed that it was caused by the water running into
      underground tunnels in Harrireh and running out of the wells in the
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