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_Muay Thai Fighters of 28 Countries in Kish
Muay Thai Fighters of 28 Countries in Kish
      Kish Island, April 14, KFZO- International Presidential Muay Thai Championship will be held from 16th to 20th of April 2011 on Kish Island, attended by the Iranian National Team and 28 foreign teams.
      According to the Public Relations of Kish Free Zone Organization, in this tournament athletes across five continents will compete with each other in the Kish Olympic Multipurpose Hall.
      It should be mentioned that these competitions have a highly credited and position, and the Chairman, General Secretary and the Members of Board Administrators of "Muay Thai" World Federation and other senior officials of this federation, The President of Asia "Muay Thai" Confederation, Kazakhstan's Prime Minister Deputy and Thai Sport and Tourism Minister will be present during the tournament in Kish.
      "Muay Thai" Sport requires a ring and it's a combination of Martial Arts and Boxing.
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