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      Session of "Beyond Holly Wood and globalization" in Kish
      With Dr. Hans-Joachim Schlegel "Hollywood and beyond globalization" session will be held in Kish Island.
      According to Fars News Agency, Hans-Joachim Schlegel historian, film theorist and critic of German cinema specializing in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with the theme "Hollywood and beyond globalization" will lecture at the Film Festival of Kish. According to Fars news agency quoted the Public Relations Kish International Film Festival, This film historian and theorist with a long history of collaboration with Berlin ,Venice , Montréal, Oberhausen, Nyon and Leipzig international Film Festivals, is at the moment collaborating with the Almati Festivals (Shakn stars) and Wiesbaden and held in 2007 in the same cinematic event, the interdisciplinary symposium on "Spirituality in dreams, cinema and religion in Eastern Europe and the Central Asia.
      In Biography of Hans –Joachim Schlegel has come: Author and translator of Eisenstein's and Tarkovsky's writings in German, author of books and numerous articles, Lecturer and film schools in Germany and other parts of the world, membership in international festivals arbitration delegations - Including Karlvvyvary, Moscow, Damascus, São Paulo, Blu Horizenthe, Krakow, Tallinn, Fajr and ... , membership in the Europe Film Academy, Fyprshy and Inter film.
      In Order to create analysis Discussions and also creating theories of modern Cinema along with enrichment of festival content aspects, Kish International Film Festival has predicted series of sessions by inviting experts and authorities from Iran and other parts of the world which will be held on 4-8 Ordibehesht 90 ( 24-28 April 2011) in Kish Island.
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