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 GoKish -> News -> KFZO MD: “Our duty is to maximize gains for all investors and visitors in Kish
KFZO MD: “Our duty is to maximize gains for all investors and visitors in Kish

      The KFZO MD announced: The duty of this Organisation is to protect and increase financial gains for all professions and investors established in Kish and its visitors. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, at a meeting with Kish Free Zone Board of Directors for the Syndicate of Traders on Monday, engineer Davoud Madadi added: The main mission and duty of KFZO is to guarantee gains and profits for all those who have chosen Kish Island as a place for rightful and legitimate businesses. By stating that they consider the elimination of inadequacies and reduction of troubles for the people as one of their top priorities, he reiterated: All economic, commercial, trading, services, etc… affairs in KFZ must be run by the people and the Organisation should only be responsible for policymaking, planning, and supervision. The KFZO MD continued: To reach this important goal and transfer affairs to the people, we will no doubt have to make amendments to the administrative structure of Kish Island. At this meeting, Madadi invited all the officials of the Syndicate of Traders for Kish to provide quality services and products in all fields as well as job responsibility, and asked them to search for an overall special and unified plan for Kish Island to further attract visitors and tourists with a friendly attitude. He said one of the important duties of hoteliers, restaurant owners, public transport drivers, traders, and other vocations was to realise that the customer is always right, and stated: All tourists from home and abroad, regardless of race, creed, and language, are respected by us and a peaceful, safe, and healthy environment must be provided for them to increase their peace of mind. In another part of his speech, the KFZO MD pointed out to the capacities of Kish Island, and said: We must prepare Kish Island for a larger global audience who is looking for a healthy, safe, and beautiful environment to relax in. He said such an environment and the satisfaction of the visitors would lead to their return to this enchanting island and named Kish summer festival as a very opportune time for the better attraction of tourists from home and abroad. Madadi emphasised on the best organisation of the 11th Kish summer festival, and said: “For the satisfaction of tourists and visitors during this time, we must prepare for and easy, low- priced, and good quality trip for our audience. He also said: At the 11th Kish summer festival, fun and entertaining programmes must be planned for our guests to enjoy. According to the same report, Madadi asked the responsibles of Kish summer festival for street lightings and decorations, the painting of curbs, repair of street tarmacs, the upkeep of the city aesthetics, and uniform and colourful clothing for shopkeepers to provide a friendly atmosphere for travellers. In the end, the KFZO MD pointed out that a large majority of Kish visitors were women and stressed on the need to provide suitable conditions for this group to benefit from nature, such as swimming and diving, by keeping their Islamic status and religious obligations. At this meeting, engineer Davoud Madadi said he would meet each and every industry owner and societies and syndicates separately in the coming weeks to learn their views personally.
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