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 GoKish -> News -> The technical and economic justification of setting up cruise ships as a marine hotel is being compiled
The technical and economic justification of setting up cruise ships as a marine hotel is being compiled

      KFZO Tourism Deputy and MOB said: The setup of cruise ships as marine hotels on the shores of the island and the Persian Gulf is being followed-up and the technical and economic justification is being compiled. In an interview with the tourism correspondent of ISNA, Mahdi Chamanzad pointed out to 1050 billion toumans of investment in Kish last year, and stated: Around 75% of this investment was in tourism projects. There are presently 17 hotels being constructed and most of the on-going projects up to 2016 in this region have been started, moving ahead of schedule. He said apart from hotels, other tourism indices such as air and sea transport are also being seriously pursued, and continued: The island air transport capacity is being pursued as the executive arm of Kish tourism. Last year, direct flights were set up between Kish and 12 provincial capitals and flights to the capitals of Kerman, Yazd, and Guilan provinces were established for the first time. These flights are scheduled to increase. The KFZO Member of Board pointed out to development plans for Kish international flights and their extension to European countries: At the ATM tourism exhibition, discussions were carried out with a number of countries, such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the Lebanon. Other talks are underway with the European countries of Spain and Scandinavia through Italy to establish direct flights. He stated: “Due to the large presence of Iranians in the Dubai area and the number of passengers wanting to travel to Kish, some discussions have also been held to establish 2-day trips from Dubai to Kish. Chamanzad pointed out to development plans for Kish sea transport and added: Last year, sea transport was very popular and the development of Bandar Aftab helped the process. Sea transport had a 50% growth this year and the island sea lines will be completed and more regular. The KFZO Tourism Deputy said: Last year, a contract was signed for a water park in Kish and its first stage will become operational within the next couple of years. Other plans for the zone include a fanfare and a children’s playground. He pointed out to the set up of old cruise and sailboats as marine hotels on the shores of Kish, and stated: Cruise ships have been discussed with investors and the technical and economic viability is under study. Also, a number of plans to set up old wooden sailboats as marine hotels on the shores of the island and are being discussed. The KFZO MOB continued by pointing out to the Emirates ATM tourism exhibition, attended by Kish Island representative, and said: There is much talk in the marketing of tourism, if to be taken seriously by Iran. I believe we have not yet taken this as seriously as we should have, even though the National Heritage and Tourism Organisation has taken steps in this direction in recent years, we have not yet reached our stance and it is still more at the level of talks. He talked about the exhibition and said: This was more professional and neighbouring and other countries had a serious presence, nevertheless, Iran has its own special charm and attractions to offer. He continued: Information in the marketing of tourism has the first word today. We witnessed that Dubai was disseminating information at this exhibition about what would happen in the future and what is being planned. It may not have happened yet, but it is marketing for the future and this is an important approach. We must not rely solely on what we have now. This was evident at the Emirates exhibition. Even countries which do not have anything tangible on offer presently were present at the exhibition in a professional capacity. Perhaps, we do not yet believe in ourselves. Chamanzad pointed out to future plans for this region, and added: Plans have been made for Kish as a touristic destination in Iran which are being seriously pursued. Even if official organizations are not willing to collaborate, we believe we can reach 100% growth in tourism by being present in international markets.
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