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Studying guidelines to expand cooperation between Russia and Kish
In a visit by a number of car industry directors and spare parts association of Russia to Kish Island, guidelines to expand cooperation between the two sides were studied. According to the KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, at a meeting between the Russian Minister Plenipotentiary with the KFZO Managing Director, both sides discussed commercial, trading, touristic, university, and sports expansion. This meeting took place Thursday morning on Kish Island, where engineer Majid Shayesteh pointed out to the KFZO privileges and facilities, including tax exemption and the independent labour laws and invented Russian investors to invest on the island. He mentioned the special attention paid by the ninth government to the expansion of the free zones and said: "Some of KFZO important objectives are the development of single industries, tourism, and higher education. According to Shayesteh, Russian investors can invest in the car industry, spare parts, insurance and banking, independently or as a joint venture in Kish. The KFZO MD pointed out that Kish Air is affiliated to the Organisation and reminded: "Russian tourists can visit this island by establishing direct Kish-Russia flights". Shayesteh mentioned the staging of over 20 expert international exhibitions on Kish during the year, 20 international sports competitions, the beautiful peaceful coast, and 160 decorative fish as other Kish Island attractions for Russian tourists. According to this same report, the Russian Minister Plenipotentiary also stressed on the need to develop economic ties between the countries of the IR of Iran and Russia and said: "Trade between the two countries was two billion and 100 million dollars last year. This figure will reach over three billion dollars this year. Viacheslav Moshgolu pointed out to the great potentials of Kish Island and asked for the expansion of trading between Russia and Kish. The Russian Minister Plenipotentiary added: "The presence of Russian investors in Kish and their familiarisation with the legal advantages of the Island will be a tremendous help to expanding commercial ties in the car industry, spare parts, insurance, banking, and tourism". The Russian Minister Plenipotentiary arrived in Kish Thursday morning at the head of a 15 member delegation comprised of car industry and spare parts directors, and visited some industrial and tourism centres.
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