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Emphasis on good quality merchandise and services for Kish visitors
Kish Free Zone Organisation Managing Director emphasised on the rights of customers and the sale of good quality merchandise and services at Kish shopping centres for visitors and tourists. According to KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, at a meeting with the members of board of Kish shopping centres syndicate, engineer Davoud Madadi pointed out to the need for the sincere and well-mannered contact of shopkeepers with tourists, and added: Visual coordination in the shopping centres, observing the law, and the beauty of the city and shopping areas will attract more tourists to Kish. He reiterated: The Kish bazaars can be a successful model for the rest of the country by marketing quality goods, welcoming customers, and sticking price tags on the goods. The KFZO MD also said: Kish Island can be a beautiful and peaceful safe haven for millions of committed Iranian visitors and tourists who are seeking to relax in a healthy, stress-free environment away from the city hubbub. He stressed on the multilateral support of KFZO for private sector investors, traders, merchants, and businessmen, and reiterated: Positive measures have been taken regarding the direct transport of goods, the purchase of vehicles by real personalities, and adequate banking facilities, including L/Cs and usance for investors and merchants in Kish, which will be announced soon. In the end, KFZO MD and Board Director emphasised on the best organisation of Kish summer festival. According to the same report, the MOBs informed the KFZO MD on certain production difficulties faced by Kish traders and businessmen at this meeting.
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