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At a meeting with the Austrian Minister Plenipotentiary

      The KFZO Board Director and MD said: "Kish Island will soon be transformed into a higher education centre and a scientific and research pole in the region". According to the KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, at a meeting with Volfang Baynai, the Austrian Minister Plenipotentiary in Iran, Engineer Majid Shayesteh added: "Presently, a number of creditable domestic universities have opened up international branches on Kish Island in which hundreds of students are studying". He pointed out that a number of other creditable universities have also applied to open international branches on Kish Island and announced his readiness to establish international Austrian university branches in Kish. At this meeting, which took place Wednesday morning in Kish, the KFZO MD said: "Considering the cultural background of the two countries, expanding mutual cultural ties between the two countries is now possible". Engineer Majid Shayesteh named the Austrian classical music concert on Kish as a successful example of such cooperation. He said with staging 20 international exhibitions on Kish Island throughout the year, we invite Austrian investors and businessmen to take part in these exhibitions. The KFZO MD also said: "Austria can also cooperate with Kish Island in tourism, organising sports training camps, expanding single industries, and establishing independent or joint bank branches". At this meeting, the Austrian Minister Plenipotentiary also pointed out that Kish international exhibitions have a very good potential and reputation, and said: "At meetings to be held with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the participation of Austrian investors and industrialists at Kish international exhibitions will be considered". Volfang Baynai said: "Apart from cultural ties, joint industrial and commercial backgrounds for cooperation also exist between Kish and Austria". He continued by asking for bilateral cooperation in tourism, and said: "Austria is ready to transfer its experiences in teaching hotel management and tourism to the Kish Island tourism industry. In the end, he reiterated: "The Austrian classical music concert and the exhibition of Iranian and Austrian historic documents on Kish Island are a good start for expanding cultural ties between the two".
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