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The Head of the National Heritage Organisation in Kish

      The Head of the National Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organisation said: "Laying the grounds for domestic and international investment is one of the priorities in the country". According to the KFZO Office of Cultural Affairs and PR, at the opening of the 1st Investments Opportunities Exhibition of Iran on Kish Island, Esfandiar Rahim Moshaei pointed out to the wrong outlook of some officials towards investment and added: "Outlooks and viewpoints towards investment must be adjusted, and this requires a multilateral cultural effort". He described investment as "holy" and said: "All individuals in society, even schoolchildren, must learn about the importance of investment". According to Moshaei, "capital" is the source of social, cultural, and political life, and the economic artery of society. The Head of the National Heritage, handicrafts and tourism Organisation also said: "Without economic mobility, a society is not alive and it is necessary to make efforts to gain profits in order to promote the quality of life". The Head of the Centre for Globalisation studies continued: "Capital and liquidity are part of a country's economic might and the backbone of its society". In another part of his speech, Rahim Moshaei emphasised on the presence of the private sector in the tourism industry and said: "The private sector must invest 25 thousand billion Toumans in the tourism industry within the next five years". He said: "During this time, the share of the government will only be five thousand billion Toumans". He reminded: "The IR of Iran is a suitable place for investors who are seeking healthy profits through different projects". In the end, Moshaei reiterated: "With a reduction of obstacles on the way of investing, the private sector must be actively present in all the fields for investment". The 1st Investment Opportunities Exhibition opened on Kish Island on Wednesday with 90 participating domestic companies exhibiting their latest achievements and abilities. It will continue until 11th January.
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