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Farabi Hotel
Farabi Hotel welcomes all guests in its well equipped apartments in a
      relaxing and friendly atmosphere in the heart of the island.
      To satisfy its guests with different tastes, the hotel offers them
      various choices to choose their favorite room to stay such as
      The hotel offers its best services in the106 equipped spacious rooms with1017 beds.
      Single Suites: units
      2-bedroom Suites: units
      2-bed Suites: units
      Suites equipped for more than 2 persons
      Super Suites: VIP Suites
      The hotel offers its guests the best facilities in different sections
      provided in it.
      Receptionist Section:
      The section has been equipped with the most unique Checkout & Check-in
      system (in Iran-Kish Island), less than 5 seconds in guests'
      information registration; ID cards consisting of room number,
      telephone, fax, automatic telephone service, breakfast, the duration
      of guests' stay, guests' entrance controlled by guards; booking; and
      Deposit taken from the guests and offering the receipt in 2 copies.
      Telecommunication Section:
      The section is equipped with a system called Visa Canal. It makes it
      possible for the hotel to transmit all information related to the
      guests' visa through the telecommunication system in computers
      featuring the required information immediately.
      Telephone Facilities
      This section offers an 8-line internal and external system
      equipped with a computerized system showing the duration and pay of
      the telephone conversations. The telephone, fax and visa serving
      system is active from 8 AM to 2 PM.
      Ticketing Section
      This section represents services with its experienced
      personnel and well qualified system from 8 AM to 2 PM.
      To satisfy guests with different tastes, the hotel serves
      various International dishes (Indian, Philippines) with the capacity
      of 350 seats in 2 floors, and breakfast is served in a split
      Coffee Shop
      2 traditional coffee shops equipped with billiard and snooker
      tables, Hookah, and CafĂ© net are ready to serve the guests.
      Recreational Center offers its best services to all guests such as:
      Barber's, Key making system, Emergency Electric Engine, 2-hour
      Island tour, Airport Transfer, Equipped Laundry, and 3 mini buses to
      transport the guests.
      Contact us:
      Telephone Number: +98764-4455705
      Fax Number: +98764-4455723
      Address: Kish Air Line, Sana'i Square, Sana'i Street, Kish-Iran
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