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A pleasant approach will bring continuity and return visits from Kish tourists
The KFZO MD said: Politeness, kindness, and a pleasant approach with tourists from home and abroad and families will entice them to return to Kish. At the Kish Day ceremonies Thursday evening, Davoud Madadi added: The prosperity and life of Kish Island is linked to numerous trips by tourists from home and abroad. According to him, in order to continue this process, conditions must be created where travellers to Kish will be welcomed, well hosted, and well seen off. Madadi stated: The noble people of Iran are well known for their hospitality from past times, and tourists travelling to Kish are not only our guests, but they also bring prosperity to the economic activities of the island. He continued by saying we must always entertain out guests, and added: Kish belongs to all Iranian families who want to enjoy its seclusion. Therefore, a pleasant approach will entail their return trips to the island. As reported by IRNA, the KFZO MD recognised the economic prosperity of Kish Island as crucial, and said: To achieve economic prosperity, the continued trips of our guests are very important to us, because all businessmen on the island will benefit from it. In the end, Madadi emphasised on the best celebration of Kish summer festival, and said: With the excellent planning of all those involved, we will witness a different summer festival in Kish this year. June 20th, designated as Kish Day, was celebrated with the presence of all people and tourists from home and abroad, along with cultural and fun programmes at the Kish grand recreational pier into the small hours of Friday morning.
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