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Who is Kish Hotels Association
    Kish Hotels and Residential Association was established through the
      hotel owners cooperation in Kish beautiful island in 1997. As a
      result of the islands growth and development, the number of the
      hotels joined the association, which were 20 hotels at the beginning,
      will be increased because of the planned construction of more than 30
      hotels. Therefore, it is believed that the association needs to set a
      proper constitution to perform its roles as a coordinating center
      between the hotels, on one hand, and Kish Free Zone, on the other
      hand, especially for the aforementioned investors sake. So, the
      hotels association has been established due to future perspective.
      There are 45 hotels admitted as members of the association right now.
      Besides, 10 more 4-star and 5-star hotels under construction will
      become members of the association in near future.
      Because of its number of hotels, Kish beautiful island has got the 3rd
      rank in Iran. It is one of the most important areas in Iran in Hotel
      Trading and Tourism. Besides, its cooperation with Kish Free Zone
      organization to improve the hotel trading services, Hotel Association
      arranges some hotel trading classes this year which have been so
      effective and useful in Hotel Trading and Human Resources Training.
      The association is responsible to observe the progress and the quality
      growth of hotels services. It does its best to reflect the guests and
      tourists component recommendations.
      No.410-fourth floor-sadaf tower
      Phone number:
      Fax : +987644453173
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