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Kish Island's Geography
    Located 18 km. from the southern coastlines of Iran, 53 53' to 54 4'
      E, and 26 29' to 26 35' N, Kish Island, which is 90457 sq.km, is one
      of the most beautiful islands in Persian Gulf.
      Its 15-kilometer EW line and 7-kilometer N line gives the island an
      almost oval shape. It is located 28 km away from Hendurabi Islands by
      sea, 55 km from Farur Island, 87 km from Siri Island, 177 km from
      Abu-Mussah, 225 km from Qeshm, 300 km from Bandar Abbas, 675 km from
      Chah-Bahar, 740 km from Bushehr, and 200 km from the United Emirates
      by air. It is 1052 km from Tehran by air and 1600 km via the current
      roadways. It is located 1200 km from Isfahan by road.
      Kish Island has a lot of beautiful and unique natural sightseeing.
      Quiet beaches covered by the coral sand, the marine observed deep in
      the sea due to the island's rare limpid water, and its seven adaptable
      prosperous botanical covering, make its view so beautiful and
      spectacular that attracts approximately a million tourists, interested
      in nature and sea, every year.
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