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Sea Animals in Kish Island
    The world beneath the water is full of beauty and marvel. One major
      point making the sea surrounded the island the world's unique wonder
      is its beautiful marine species.
      The Sea of Kish Island is the shelter of different marine habitants
      such as lovely colorful fish, corals and sea shelves. The geographical
      location and the warmth of the Sea are the major specifications
      attracting the sea animals, living there for thousands years.
      One of the best ways to see the beauty of the Sea and its wonderful
      fish species is riding the glass-bottomed boats. Of course, tourists
      can go scuba diving to get a close view of the beneath water. There
      are several kinds of fish living in the sea such as Octopuses,
      Jellyfish, Starfish, Sea shelves, Saw-fish, and Clownfish.
      Some of the fish species are listed below:
      Octopuses are characterized by their eight arms usually bearing
      suction cups. These arms are a type of muscular hydrostat. The
      majority of octopuses have almost entirely soft bodies with no
      internal skeleton. They have neither a protective outer shell , nor
      any vestige of an internal shell or bones, like cuttlefish or squids.
      A beak, similar in shape to a parrot's beak, is the only hard part of
      their body. This enables them to squeeze through very narrow slits
      between underwater rocks, which are very helpful when they are fleeing
      from morays or other predatory fish. The octopuses in the less
      familiar Cirrina suborder have two fins and an internal shell,
      generally lessening their ability to squeeze into small spaces.
      Jellyfish is one of the most beautiful sea animals living in the sea.
      It is called "Jellyfish" because of its colorful body. One important
      thing that divers and swimmers ought to be careful about is its soft
      long oral arms (trails) which are really dangerous to be touched. They
      make wounds like burning. It fortunately keeps itself away from the
      Starfish is one of the imaginative sea animals with its star shaped
      body. It contains 4-5 arms with small eyes at the end of each.
      Starfish is able to reproduce an arm if it is cut. The cut one can be
      transformed to another starfish.
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